Call Center

Control and management of calls efficiently.

We have the best 100% trained staff to provide 100% committed customer service and trained to meet your business needs. 100% bilingual and with the best available.

Call center
360 Salud

360° health

For health professionals, it is cumbersome to devote part of their time to daily and time-consuming administrative tasks.

Access Salud is a business management center that is outsourced to:

Mrs. Jenny

She is a virtual secretary who offers the doctor all the assistance he usually receives from his trusted person.

Mrs. Jenny is in charge of scheduling appointments, calling and confirming patients, linking payment supports for consultations, and receiving and channeling any concerns reported by patients through 0800-ACCESS-0.

Señora Jenny


We adapt our services to the needs of your patients.


We are your best support to help you optimize your time both in consultation and monitoring, administration, and planning.


Interpretation and Notification of Laboratories

Explain to the patient of their laboratory and imaging results, medical order reminders, and follow-up of abnormal results.
Interpretación y Notificación de Laboratorios


Administrative and billing services such as Pre-authorizations for insurance. We take care of your collections and administration, so that your business is 100% profitable and tailored to the financial needs of your region.


We offer marketing advice to help you drive your business and ensure the sale of your product or service. Image Consulting, Social Networks, Creating Measurable Campaigns and Promotions to optimize results.
Optimización de calidad y costos de servicios médicos

Optimization of quality and costs of medical services

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