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Our call center department is composed of talented and highly trained, bilingual professionals who follow high-standard processes supported by the latest and most efficient technological and communicational tools to provide the best assistance to anyone who contacts your medical practice.

Be it vendors, hospitals, laboratories, and especially your patients: we create the ideal link with you and tend to their requests by taking effective action on them.

Call Center
Call Center

 Scheduling appointments, processing medical and administrative requests, following up on the by-products of the calls, are just a fragment of the tasks our call center can handle on your behalf so your medical practice can focus on their craft: delivering the best medical advice to your patients.

We adapt to the needs of our associates. With your direction, we develop a comprehensive training program designed to encompass every possible contact need you may have, so that our agents can represent your practice faithful to your values and communication style, sharing your goals and needs to fulfill them accordingly.


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