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Our Telehealth Navigators department is a unit that provides logistical assistance to practitioners who remotely tend to patients. Our team has been thoroughly trained to provide high quality assistance to doctors throughout every process of telehealth consultation.

You can count on our Telehealth Navigators team to check up on the patient the day of a scheduled appointment to confirm their symptoms and the consultation time, as well as troubleshoot any problem before it begins. During the session, our navigators are ready to be present during the call (with the patient’s and doctor’s permission of course) to provide on-the-spot translation and report connectivity issues.

Navegadores de Telemedicina
Navegadores de Telemedicina

After the consultation, our team deals with the scheduling of new appointments for the patient, be them remote or on-site. They also send any paperwork and follow up on any treatment or exam orders issued by the doctor.

We prioritize the connection between providers and patients to facilitate precise medical advice. To that end we make use of the most effective technology and communication tools and can rely on a team composed entirely of bilingual staff that enhances our culturally sensitive medical assistance.


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