Lab results that empower your patients

Our Lab Navigators department receives and analyzes lab tests results and explains them to the patients. The team is fully comprised of bilingual health professionals, and their aim is to make the patient understand their health so they can make informed decisions regarding lifestyle and healthcare choices.

Our lab navigators team goal is to educate and support through telephone calls, thus being the link between the doctor, the patient, and their results. Their commitment lies in informing the patients regarding their current health state in an easy-to-understand manner; we get doubts may arise when talking about medical instructions, which is why our team is trained and available to resolve any question that patients may have.

Navegadores de Laboratorio

In our service, communication is key to ensure the best possible care and peace of mind for the patient.

Associated services


Obtaining Results

We establish direct communication with the laboratory or imaging center to receive the test results.


Results Analysis

The physician or a group of specialists analyze the results and determine pertinent medical indications.


Results Notification

A specialized agent communicates with the patient to notify results and medical indications in a clear and simple way.


Tracking and Reminder of Pending Orders

We follow up and remind the patient about orders that were signed and have not been performed, to ensure that the studies are done in a timely manner.


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