La aproximación de access-salud es individualizada

The access-salud approach is personal

We understand the importance of individualized preferences and human-to-human connection. While a text or email message will inform a patient that s/he has an appointment – automated communication is limited and one-way. By speaking to your patients voice-to-voice, our reach extends well-being that of an automated appointment reminder system. That’s the access-salud difference.

Appointment management

Patients will be informed and properly prepared to attend their medical appointments.

Transport search

There will be no barriers affecting the ability of patients to keep their medical appointments.

Automated reminders

Text messages, emails, default phone messages, and much more!

The Process

The patient is contacted and helped to understand the relationship between Access-salud and his medical practice.
A series of questions will be asked to the patient in order to know their preferences regarding their availability.
The patient will choose between the automated reminder options of their preference in order to maintain contact between the two.
Days before the appointment, the patient will be contacted to remind him of the date so that any obstacles can be anticipated.

The Benefit

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