we are the link between the patient and the physician

Our Services

Partner with access-salud to:

  • Improve your patients' medication, treatment, and appointment compliance; and
  • Optimize office workflows to minimize time and money spent on administrative work and maximize time with patients.

access-salud will help you and your patients navigate the increasingly complex landscape that is "modern healthcare" and achieve the Triple Aim1.

Appointment Attendance

access-salud can help improve patients' attendance by ensuring that they're aware of scheduled appointments, have transportation to and from each appointment, and that they're appropriately prepared, so you are able to make the most of the visit.

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Medication/Treatment Compliance

Are your patients following your treatment plan? Do they remember why you prescribed a certain medication(s)? Perhaps they're experiencing side effects or need assistance remembering when and how to take their medications. access-salud can help!

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Transitions in Care

"Modern healthcare" is not a DIY project for the average patient. access-salud is here to help your patients navigate the evolving and complex healthcare system and ensure that they receive the right care, at the right time, in the right setting.

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Billing & Administrative Services

Bogged down by administrative work? Documentation requirements? Billing? Are these obligations eating into the time you spend with patients? Extending your hours at the office? Requiring additional FTE's? access-salud can help lift this burden.

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Our Goal

To provide you with the tools and resources to maximize the efficiency of your practice and ability to care for your patients, yielding greater patient and provider satisfaction and ultimately, a healthier population.

Our Mission

access-salud strives to be the link that connects patients and providers, streamlining communication before, during and in-between visits, supporting medical practices and hospitals in overcoming the challenges of adapting to value based care.

Our Team

All members of the access-salud team/staff are bilingual,
fluent in both English and Spanish.

Jacqueline Delmont, MD

Jacqueline Delmont, MD

"Dr. Delmont has built a remarkable career serving low-income and underprivileged patient populations across Long Island and Queens. "

Claudia Pecchio

Claudia Pecchio

"Claudia Pecchio is bringing her operations experience to support the processes in care management, clinical and administrative support. "

Dr. Robmary Estrada

Dr. Robmary Estrada

"Recognizing her vast experience as a physician and her exceptional communication and managerial skills, Dr. Estrada was asked to join us in January 2016.  "

Xiomara Rosales

Xiomara Rosales

"Xiomara has been an integral part of access-salud since its inception, contributing to create a strong foundation to make our company successful. "


About access-salud

At access-salud we are proud of our state-of-the-art facilities, with the most advanced and HIPAA compliant technology available to connect all stakeholders as well as create an excellent work environment for our caring and competent staff.

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